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NoNo Hair Removal


The NoNo Hair Removal

Having smooth, hairless, and soft to the touch legs is considered desirable. A goal that many woman are trying to achieve with out the pain and trouble of plucking, waxing, or shaving. Typically people have used the standard razor and shaving gel, but this often leads to stubble and regrowth very quickly.


The hair removal market has come out with a system called No No Hair removal system. This system is designed to remove hair without pain. The system advertises to remove hair and reduce regrowth, therefore longer times between shaving. The product works by using thermal transference to remove hair from the surface of the skin and treating the hair for reduced regrowth.

The key to success is consistency. The product needs to be used regularly to see results. You can expect to see a steady amount of results with weekly use. Every week you can expect to see better results, but the best results are seen in week 6-12. By week 6-12 you can expect to see finer hair regrowth. Therefore the result is softer hair and less shaving.

The initial cost of the system can cause people to hesitate to purchase, however if you consider the cost of professional waxing, the cost of razors, shaving cream, or home waxing it is actually a very cost effective system. The NoNo Hair Removal system is a really nice addition to your beauty products. The first time it is used can seem awkward and take some practice however the results make it worth while. The system is fun as it comes in different colors, is small and therefore easy to store when not in use. It is a system that is quickly becoming a popular hair removal system.